We’re One Step Closer to Having Lightsabers


?Wicked Lasers has made the world’s deadliest laser. This is noteworthy for several reasons.

1) They put the laser in a lightsaber hilt.
2) The beam is blue, like Luke’s first lightsaber.
3) The laser blinds people “permanently and instantly.”
4) It also sets people’s flesh on fire when it hits them.
5) It’s — and this is the best part — available to purchase by anyone for only $200.

So we’re still having trouble with the “blade” aspect of the lightsaber, but setting people’s flesh on fire via laser is a significant step forward. I mean, a laser that just slices through flesh can’t be that far behind, right? Hopefully Wicked Lasers will get on this quickly, because I fully expect these things to be declared illegal as soon as some nerd accidentally sets his little brother’s face on fire with one. (Via Great White Snark)