Yet Another E3 Trifecta: Epic Mickey, Twisted Metal, Assassin’s Creed

Sorry, TR readers who do not play videogames. E3 should be over soon. Anyways, let’s call this the “anticipated but potentially disappointing” trifecta.

? Finally, some Epic Mickey in action. It looks like it’s pushing the Wii as hard as it can go — which is to say it’s looked damned nice — but I’m pissed they got rid of the crazy Mickey look from the concept art. Plus, I have my doubts about how much freedom players will really have with the brush and the thinner. But the worst part is when Spector talks about the plot, and how Mickey has been whisked to a world of creatures without hearts, and Mickey has the greatest heart of all… seriously, dude, no one at Disney said that sounded a bit familiar? No one sent you a memo?

? I immediately got excited when I heard about a new Twisted Metal game, and I stayed excited until I saw this video. I’m sure this is grumply old man Bricken talking, but I’m not sure about the gangs, and I’m sure I hate the helicopter. All I want is cars trying to kill other cars. Is that too much to ask? But my real problem is the “nuke” game mode shown in the video — it is the most ridiculously elaborate nonsense I have ever seen. Cars blowing up cars, guys. Not that hard.

* Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the online multiplayer version of AC where everyone is trying to assassinate each other. I wasn’t sure how this would work when I first heard about it, and now, having seen it in action… well, I’m still not that sure. It looks kinda fun, but it seems more like it should have been included as part of AC2 instead of being its own thing.