A Bit of Math Regarding the New Sonic Hat


?Above is the free Sonic hat people get when they pre-order Sonic Colors from Gamestop. Sonic Colors will almost certainly be awful, so only the most hardcore of Sonic fans will likely be getting this hat, and only those with no sense of self-preservation will actually wear these things in public. Now, as discussed last FFF, there are some — not many, but some — hardcore Sonic fans who aren’t insane and don’t write erotic Sonic fan fiction. However, I would guess that these people, hardcore as they might be, would also have the sense not to wear this hat in places that aren’t cons, at the very least. My point is this: If you see someone wearing this hat, I’d say there’s probably a 90% chance they’ve written stories about Sonic fucking Tails in the ass. That is all. Thanks to JJ for the tip.