Do Not Cry for Simon Tam

When I posted that fabulous ’80s-style Firefly opening credits the other day (and I have to agree with you guys that they probably would’ve served the show better than the actual credits) many of you bemoaned the fact that young doctor and brother of jailbait megaweapon River, Simon Tam, seemed to be unfairly omitted. Well, Garrison Dean and Charlie Jane Anders have revealed the true reason Simon didn’t make the cut — because he was busy filming his ’80s show.

It’s another shockingly well-done video, admittedly. But I’m going to go on a limb and say any show which regularly starred Christina Hendricks as the assassin/prostitute/thief/whatever Saffron would be the highest rated TV series of all time. I was 28 when I finally saw her Firefly episode and it made me hit puberty a second time. Thanks to Zaid for the tip! (Via io9)