DVD Day: July 13th, 2010

There’s actually not enough decent releases to do DVD Day, but I absolutely refuse to not mention a new MST3K set. Sorry.

? Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. XVIII
Man, Shout Factory has just been killing it with their MST sets. This one includes: the second season’s Lost Continent, an early gem (“Rock climbing!”): Crash of the Moons, the sequel to the Rocky Jones and Winky-starring Manhunt in Space — a personal favorite, as a little boy is frequently referred to as “Poopy”; the last of the Coleman Francis trilogy of awfulness, The Beast of Yucca Flats; and last but not least, the SciFi era’s Jack Frost, which is easily one of the most fucked up movies I have ever seen (there’s a short clip above). All four episodes in this set are incredibly strong, and, as usual, Shout Factory has some great extras, including more MST Hour wraps, new introductions by the cast, and more. My copy of this set is already in my sweaty, grubby hands.

? The Super Hero Squad Show: Vol. 1
I was ready to dismiss this as another single volume folks can ignore until the full season set comes out, but apparently it’s 300 minutes long. But it’s also one DVD. I think there might be an error in the listing. All I know for sure is that this DVD covers “The Quest for the Infinity Sword.” You’ve been warned.

? The Streethawk
Like Knight Rider with a motorcycle instead of a car. I have zero recollection of this ’80s show.

? Golgo 13: Collection 1
I’ve never read a panel or watched a minute of Golgo 13, Japan’s greatest fictional assassin, but I dig him. He’s basically a cross between James Bond and Leon from The Professional — a really, really good assassin who gets the ladies but also never lets them get in the way of killing people. It’s the type of hard-boiled story Japanese anime and manga often excels in, so I’ll probably Netflix this semi-recent, 13-episode anime serie.