Fan Fiction Friday: Sonic and Tails in “After the Orgy”


?A couple of months ago, during the Moments You’re Ashamed of Being a Nerd contest, Topless Roboteer tasakeru828 bemoaned his life as a Sonic fan. Sonic fans have developed a reputation for being some of the most insane, perverted fandoms around, thanks to taking it all way too seriously and writing mountains of erotic fan fic about young animals fucking each other. Tasakeru828 was bitter that he and the (assumably small group) of Sonic fans who were reasonably normal would always be lumped in with the weirdos, and I don’t blame him. That sucks, and I have no idea how to solve it.

However, I do know this story won’t help in the slightest.

Sent to my attention by Zoe, it’s from an author named Mulhollandson, and is a sequel — of sorts — to his six chapter “A Sonic Orgy” tale. I say sort of because he has another story titled “After the Orgy,” and while that is the official epilogue to “A Sonic Orgy,” this “After the Orgy” is not. It’s a spin-off. A “what if,” if you will. A “this story about underage videogame animals fucking contradicts another story about underage videogame animals fucking, and thus cannot be considered underage videogame animals fucking canon.” Grab a ring and hit the jump.

It was dusk. Tails was sitting on an uprooted tree, staring at the Lake
of Rings. It was the place Tails would often come if he felt that
strange romantic yet lonesome feeling, which could only reuinte with the
beauty of the Knothole sunset. Tails felt happy and sad at the same
time. This morning, the 10-year old fox had woken up in the arms of a
pink hedgehog lady.

Yeah, I don’t think any of us need to be psych majors to figure that one out. Also, I’ve probably said it before, but goddammit I hate with fan fic writers don’t even pretend the characters are of legal age. It’s so easy! Just say write down an age of legal consent! It’s not like anyone won’t think you’re horrible perverse!

He remembered one of the strangest yet best nights
and dreams he ever had, visited by an ancient spirit who granted him a
dream. The dream had come true, yet it never happened, though it seemed
so real. He had an intimate bonding with his secret crush: Sonic the

Yeah, secret crush. So secret only 200,000 Sonic fan fic writers have figured it out.

Sonic was not gay.

Sonic was not gay. I repeat this because it will be important later.

Tails couldn’t tell for sure, though he believed it
deep inside. It was the knowledge of being rejected by him if he ever
came out that tormented him from inside. 10 years old, bisexual, and
deeply in love with his best friend. Love was a complicated thing.

So’s a Rubik’s Cube, but you don’t see me writing a story about how it wants to fuck a 10-year-old bisexual fox.

‘Hey Tails.’ A voice said. Tails heart almost jumped out of his chest
and he screamed, looking behind him. He saw Sonic standing there, with a
sad look on his face.
‘Oh Sonic… you startled me!’ Tails panted.
‘I’m sorry little buddy. I’ve been looking for you all day.’ He said.
Sonic sat down next to Tails and stared into the sunset.
‘H-how did you find me?’ Tails stuttered.

“I can only move right; I figured you’d pop up eventually.”

Even though they hanged out
for years, Tails felt very uncomfortable with Sonic being so close to
him. He could hear him breathing and his paw was very close to his’.
Sonic looked at him and smiled for a second. ‘It’s our secret spot. I
already wondered if you still visited it. Do you remember me taking you
here almost every week, six years ago?’
‘I was 4, you were 9… yes, I remember.’ Tails smiled nostalgic.
‘Swimming in the lake, chasing each other, telling secrets…’

I am suddenly ever-so-appreciate that Tails is at least 10 in this story.

‘I just thought… we never been so close together after that…’ Sonic
said with a blank stare

Sonic is not gay? Okay, just checking.

Tails got a blush on his face and felt his last comfortability leave his
body. Why was Sonic asking him this?
‘I guess… we got older… got more friends…’ Tails babbled.

“And Child Services intervened…”

Sonic shrugged and stared to the sun again.
‘Sonic? Is something the matter?’ Tails asked worried.
‘I just… suddenly miss those times, you know? They were the best times
I ever had. With you. Now we can get every girl we want without even
asking, but the real good time… was just with you alone…’ Sonic

Boy, girls sure are a drag! Man, I’d trade ’em all for a good 4-year-old! Those toddlers know how to party.

Tails’ face became as red as Knuckles. Why was Sonic so emotional at the
moment? He never talked so sensitive about nostalgia…
‘Do you believe dreams are a fraud, Tails?’ Sonic asked. Tails shrugged.
‘Last night… I had a really strange dream… don’t want to give the
details but… it showed me who I really want and need.’

“I don’t want to give the details of the dream, but I think you should let me put my penis in your anus. BUT DON’T ASK ME ABOUT THE DREAM.”

Tails insides boiled. Sonic had the same dream as him. Tikal made his
dream feel real too… but Sonic didn’t know he had the same dream!
‘That dream just made me realize who I really long for… and I didn’t
know it for years… untill now…’ Sonic moved his head and looked into
Tails’ big blue eyes. His stare was sincere, but slightly obsessed.

“If only I could have had this dream sooner, like when you were six! God you were a sexy little thing then.”

‘It’s you Tails. I want you.’ Sonic said and he placed his hands on
Tails’ waist.

Sonic is not gay. Just a pedophile.

Sonic massaged Tails’ fur and moved his head towards the little fox.
Tails was overwhelmed and paralized. Sonic pressed his lips against
Tails’, closed his eyes and kissed him. Tails didn’t move an inch; it
was hard to realize if what was happening was real or a dream.

Or even a totally inappropriate work of fiction.

Sonic placed his hands under Tails’ armpits and carried the little boy
on his lap. Sonic didn’t stop kissing while he stroke his back with his
right hand and gently pushed Tails’ head towards his’ with his left.
Tails slowly opened his mouth and kissed him back. He didn’t know what
he was doing, nor what came over him. All he wanted was Sonic.

Oh, I think we all know what’s about to come over Tails.

Their fingers scraped each others backs; with closed eyes, Sonic opened
his mouth and penetrated Tails’ mouth with his tongue. Tails moaned and
french kissed him back, their movements became rougher and Sonic rubbed
Tails’ cheek and fur while Tails wrapped his legs around Sonic’s body
and started moaning with his high-pitched squeeks.

In Mulhollandson’s, defense, he sure is making sex with an underaged fox sound sexy. I just love it when my sexual partners squeek like a dog’s chew toy.

The two boys let go of each other and looked in their eyes, Tails’ blue
into Sonic’s green. They panted with blushes on their faces, staring at
each other for seconds.
‘The grass is softer…’ Sonic panted. Tails blinked and didn’t say a
word. Sonic picked him up and placed him on the ground. Tails spreaded
his legs so Sonic could lie between them. The boys cuddled and kissed
‘Our secret spot, Tails.’ Sonic moaned while caressing the cheeks of the
little fox. ‘The breeding ground of our friendship… but I wanna be
more than your friend…’

Children, if anyone — including your favorite cartoon or videogame characters — says things to like “the breeding ground of our friendship” or “I wanna be more than your friend” TELL AN ADULT IMMEDIATELY.

At the moment Sonic mentioned it, he first noticed his hard cock pressed
against Tails’.

Are we 100% certain that Sonic is not gay? Really? Okay…

Sonic was much bigger shaped, though Tails’ rod was a
respectable size for his age. Sonic’s dick had the same tan colour of
his chest, while Tails’ penis was pink, except for his orange-coloured
balls. Tails grabbed both stiff dicks with a blush and slowly started
rubbing them against each other. A little bit of pre-cum ejaculated out
of their glanses and Tails’ smeared it all over their shafts with his

toht face melting.jpg


Sonic then grabbed his own dick and placed it against Tails’ asshole.
Tails squealed shortly.
‘I want you so much Tails…’ Sonic whispered. ‘Do you want it too?’
Tails closed his eyes and nodded. ‘Hold me close, little buddy.’ Sonic
said and he penetrated Tails’ virgin butt with his glanse. Tails moaned
and Sonic licked his finger, spreading his saliva over his cock. Tails
opened his eyes a little and whispered into Sonic’s ears: ‘I love

I’m beginning to suspect that Sonic might be a little gay.

Sonic penetrated Tails’ ass inch by inch but stopped when the boy
started screaming and crying.

Ever the gentleman!

‘Oh no, did I hurt you?’ Sonic asked worried.

“Did jamming my cock in your underage asshole hurt you in some way? Who could’ve possibly expected that?”

Tails closed his eyes while tears flowed down his cheeks and shook his
‘No… just… do it.’ He cried.

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered #2 on the “Things Nike Never Ever Wants Their Slogan to Be Associated With” list. #5 is “Fan Fiction Friday continues on the next page — Just Do It.”


Tails grabbed Sonic’s body firmly while the hedgehog looked worried at
the little boy, penetrating his full ass. Tails started sobbing and
moaning and yelled when he felt his shaft had filled Tails’ but
completely. Sonic held Tails close against him, his foxcock pressed
between Sonic and his own furry chest.

I’m still horrified at what’s going on, but I’m also gravely confused about how Sonic and Tails seem to be having sex in the missionary position. I will fully admit I’m hardly an expert, but I didn’t think that was… uh… an option. I AM BEGINNING TO DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF THIS STORY ABOUT A HEDGEHOG FUCKING A FOX UP THE ASS

‘Are you okay?’ Sonic whispered.

Not even slightly. What? Oh. You were asking Tails, not me. Never mind.

‘Yeah… just… give me a m-minute.’ Tails moaned. The boys held each
other tight for a few moments untill Tails nodded.
Sonic started thrusting forward and fucking his little buddy in his

Still, Sonic is not gay. It’s good to know.

The hedgehog pressed his head against the fox’s neck and
started sucking it, while Tails moaned receiving his big rod in his
deflowered butthole. The preteen held his lover tight in his arms while
Sonic’s tummy squeezed over Tails’ hard cock, masturbating him in it’s

God help me, Sonic giving Tails an inadvertent “belly job” is possibly the most disturbing part to me so far.

Sonic’s head spun while holding his best friend tight. He couldn’t
remember where this sudden romantic feelings about his little buddy came
from; he just remembered a dream in which he made love with a female
Tails and ejaculated in his sleep.

Are neither of them concerned about how they dreamed of having sex with female versions of each other? Hell, Tails could have been dreaming about fucking Amy. Sonic… well, even if sonic is dreaming about fucking a female 10-year-old fox, he still has some issues. No way around that.

When he woke up, he thought about
Tails. During breakfast he thought about Tails. When he saw him walking
across town, he watched how his two tails swinged behind his butt and
thought about how it would feel to get underneath those tails. He had a
quicky with Blaze in the afternoon; he thought about how it would be if
he fucked Tails like that. Now he finally got to know how it felt, and
it felt so great, he couldn’t describe it. The only girl that ever made
him feel so happy was Amy at the final round of Vanilla’s orgy, but even
that wasn’t so good.


‘Oh Tails…’ Sonic mumbled and he pressed his lips against Tails’.
Tails kissed him back while squeeking and pressing Sonic’s body against
his fur, the foreskin of his cock pressed up and down by Sonic’s
stomach. The hedgehog started to thrust harder and the fox squealed
faster, with his high-pitched slutty accent he practiced on.

toht face melting.jpg


Tails’ head was up in the clouds. The transsexual boy inside him had
left his body, since he felt like a real man again while receiving it
like a girl.

Thumbnail image for SonicTails.png

?What? I have no idea what you mean, but I’m 99% sure you don’t mean what you think you mean.

He got something he only dreamed of to receive, and now his
first gay buttsex was a fact. He loved Sonic so much, no other girl,
not even Cream, could top it. He expected it to hurt but it didn’t; he
only felt love and lust. The boy was enjoying one of the best moments he
ever had in his entire life yet.
‘Oh Tails…’ Sonic moaned after a while. ‘I’m… I feel it…’
‘Me too, Sonic…’ Tails squeeked. ‘Don’t hold back for me…’
Sonic fucked the little boy harder while they both felt the pressure in
their sacks building up to the climax. Sonic moaned harder and Tails
squeeked higher.


‘I love you, Miles Prower!’ Sonic yelled.
‘I love you, Sonic Hedgehog!’ Tails cried.
Ready? Because this is going to be Toht-tastic.
Sonic growled loudly while his balls compressed and a jet of cum spurted
into the little fox’s butthole.

toht face melting.jpg


At the same time, Tails screamed and a
curvy jet of sperm shot out of his glanse.

toht face melting.jpg


Sonic thrusted harder while
more jizz filled the boy’s butt and Tails cock erupted more semen out of
his shaft, landing on Sonic’s belly and his own chestfur.

toht face melting.jpg


‘Oh… oh yeah…’ Sonic moaned and he held his little buddy close to
him. Tails did too while the tears of emotion flowed down his cheeks and
the last drops of cum dripped out of his dick.

toht face melting.jpg


Sonic and Tails kissed
while cuddling with pure love while their genitals shrinked between
their fur., only leaving traces of teen sperm behind.

toht face melting.jpg


Sonic was lying on his back in the grass. Tails held him close lying
sideways on the ground with his head on his chest. Sonic didn’t do
anything but staring to the sky; he realized he had done something
terribly wrong.

Now? Now he’s realizes he’s done something wrong? The point where he had his dick up the ass of a 10-year-old fox didn’t set off any alarms?

What came over him that made him want to fuck Tails? He was his best
friend. Even worse, he was 10 years old. But the worst of all: He was a

No, it’s the 10-year-old part. That’s the worst of all. Promise.

Sonic didn’t want to believe he had secret bisexual feelings which
were burning deep inside him, though the evidence just opened his mouth.
‘Sonic… I was thinking about… coming out of the closet tomorrow…
and I want you to do so too.’
‘No way.’ Sonic immediatly responded in shock.
‘What?’ Tails asked frustrated and he moved up. ‘Why not?’
‘Because I’m not gay.’


‘EHM, excuse me, princess!’ Tails frowned. ”’You’re the one I really
want,” ”I love you, Miles Prower”, that large spot of cum on your
chest… that’s all just straight stuff?’

Boom! Lawyered!

‘Stop it, I’m not coming out!’
‘Are you scared? Scared your friends will laugh at you when they heard
you fucked a little boy?’


‘Back off, faggot!’ Sonic yelled.

Oh, Sonic. You maybe fast, but you can never outrun your prejudice and homophobia.
‘That’s it isn’t it, you don’t want to believe it! You just can’t accept
you love me!’ Tails yelled back.

‘OF COURSE I CAN’T!’ Sonic screamed and Tails was muted. ‘I’m the
fastest thing alive, the hero of Mobius, not the skipping buttpirate!
What will everybody think of me when I walk in, saying: ‘Hey guys, I
fuck little boys now.’

Maybe they’ll think it would be nice if To Catch a Predator was still on.

You lured me into this! You haunt my dreams! I’m
not a queer creep like you!’

Yes, Sonic, Tails’ asshole was indeed a trap, and you fell right in, penis-first. It’s a shame Dr. Robotnik didn’t think of it first.

‘I’M NOT A FREAK!’ Tails cried. ‘What makes you think I’m not normal,
I’m different? You’re one big hypocrite Sonic Hedgehog!’

Since Sonic still has Tails’ ejaculate on him, I believe I have to side with Tails on this.

The tears flowed down the fox cheeks while Sonic became red with anger.
One big ‘zoof’, and Sonic was gone.
‘That’s right, do what you do best! Running… away!’ Tails cried. He
couldn’t tell if he heard him or not.
Tails started sobbing and his body was shaking. He threw himself to the
ground and cried himself to sleep, lost in lonelyness and heartache.

And a very sore asshole. And Sonic continued to be not gay, although he did have a lot of sex with men and boys from that point on.