Grimlock Has Become a Part of Something Greater

You know that amazing Omega Supreme custom I showed a little while back? Forget it. Seriously, forget it. Because there’s a new king of custom Transformers figures, and his name is Extinction. Why? Because he’s made out of the Dinobots.


Yes, customizer frenzy_rumble has made an entire combiner out of Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Sludge and Snarl — which means he’s also made five incredible customs of the five Dinobots, which of course look equally badass in their dinosaur and robot modes, and not just as Extinction. Seriously, if this dude were real, the Autobot/Decepticon war would’ve ended 20 years ago. The winner? THE DINOBOTS. Thanks to THEPR0F3SS0R for the tip; check out more pics of Extinction and his individual parts over at Seibertron.