Guillermo Del Toro’s Mountains Are Mad or Something


?Oh. Wait. My bad. Del Toro is actually directing a movie called At the Mountains of Madness, based on the H.P. Lovecraft classic of the same name. And when I say based, I mean exactly — set in the ’30s, crazy horror, all the stuff that studios usually hate. So how is this happening?

Because James Cameron stepped in to produce. Now I’ve given Cameron a lot of shit over his blue cat furry Ferngully, but if he’s making a del Toro-directed Lovecraft movie happen, he’s got nothing but my thanks. Also, the movie will be in 3-D (of course), so as Geeks of Doom points out, having Cameron on board certainly won’t hurt that, either. Look, I’m as skeptical of 3-D as anyone, but if anything, del Toro has a great visual flair, and to see the Elder Beings in 3-D… well, I’m willing to give that the benefit of the doubt. It might suck, but if it’s good? Well, we’ll all go insane, just as Lovecraft intended.