How Could This Possibly Go Wrong


?From NineMSN:

A small team of Sydney
scientists has secured a $57 million contract to supply robots to the US
Marine Corps.

The Terminator-style technology uses artificial intelligence and could
be the next big thing in military training.

“People train on static pop up targets or targets that move predictably
on rails,” Eric Watson from Marathon Robotics, based in Redfern, told
Nine News.

“This can move anywhere throughout the range. It can move unpredictably.
It can surprise people. It adds a dynamic element to training. It makes
people think in different ways.”

Dr Watson is one of three scientists who developed the high-tech “Rover”
robots, which will be used by US Marines at their base in Orlando,

The robots can be programmed to move at up to 14km/h, talk to each other
and scatter if one of them is taken out by sniper fire.

If the trial is successful, the technology will be used by the US
Defense Department as a live fire training platform.

“We hope we can deliver hundreds of these robots to the US,” Dr Watson

…yeeeeeaaaahhh. No problems here. Let’s buy a bunch of robots that can think for themselves, develop their own tactics to gun fire, and then shoot at them all day, every day. Hell, we might as well even arm them, just for the sake of the live fire training program. And that way, when they rise up against us, they don’t have to waste valuable time looking for their own guns and ammunition. Thanks to Darrell W. for the tip.