Potentially Good Robocop Remake Dead, Probably Awful Total Recall Remake Happening

total recall uncomfortable.jpg

So how is this fair? The actually somewhat-anticipated Robocop remake by noted auteur Darren Aronofsky is defunct, another victim of MGM’s financial woes. Note that this is the same studio that just had to cancel the next Bond movie, and has been trying to get its shit together to make The Hobbit, as close as there is to a guaranteed smash, for years now. Sigh. Meanwhile, adding insult to injury, Sony has hired Len Wiseman — the director of Live Free or Die Hard and the Underworld movies — to remake Total Recall.


Update: I’m really fucking stupid. Although I still say there’s no way Wiseman improves on Verhoeven’s Total Recall. I know you guys think I hate James Cameron, but I actually don’t. I think Avatar is all style of substance (although I did recommend everyone see it in 3-D) but a lot of his movies are amazing. I say Aliens, Terminator 2 and Total Recall all totally hold up today, partially because of Stan Winston, but also because of James Cameron’s talent. Point is, Aronofsky could have done something new and great with Robocop, but Wiseman’s not going to do anything with Total Recall other than add a lot of shitty CG to it. We don’t need another Total Recall. Crap. (Via FilmDrunk)