Toy Trifecta: Marvel, She-Ra, Robot Chicken


? Did you miss out on the Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure Galactus back in 2005? Well, you’re in luck… if you happen to be going to San Diego Comic Con, that is. Hasbro will be offering a 19-inch Galactus figure as an exclusive, which happens to stand three inches taller than his Legends figure (weird), will have light-up eyes and a voice chip like his old FF toy version. Update: Turns out the SDCC one will be on a massive blister card and be $60; the regular retail version will come with a 3 3/4-inch Silver Surfer, and can be pre-ordered at the link. Pretty groovy either way. (Via BBTS)

? Mattel will let Masters of the Universe fans vote to decide whether the action figure of Swiftwind, She-Ra’s pegasus, should be pink like the original toy or white like in the cartoon. Ignoring the question of why I consider this news, if any of you are at the panel and vote pink I will cut you. (Via ToyNewsI)


?? JazWares is making Robot Chicken toys. First up — a robot chicken. The next issue of ToyFare will have more. (Via UGO)