TR Contest: You Fiction Friday


?Let’s break this afternoon down.

? I suck and failed to do a Fan Fiction Friday.
? The kind and/or belligerent Topless Roboteers are desperate for some kind of awful erotic fan fiction.
? You all are already thinking about finding some on your own to mock in the TR comments.
? I don’t recommend this.

However, you clearly need that FFF-shaped hole in your hearts filled, and I have just the contest to do it — a long, hard, fully engorged contest. It’s one I’ve been saving for just such an occasion as this. Ready? This week’s contest is to create your own FFF.

Now, I just want the titles — I need a break from reading erotic fan fics, not more of ’em. Name the characters involved and the title of the story — while I’m sure some of you will straight for the dirtiest nonsense you can think of, I will be giving bonus points for titles that aren’t technically dirty but sound horrifically dirty, the kind of title that make all our souls wilt when they pop up on FFF. You know the type. Basically, you get extra points for a bit of subtlety; this way I don’t have 600 entries titled Character 1 and Character 2 in “Double-Skullfucking Character 3.”

Any characters are open to you, and everyone gets five entries. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, July the 19th. I know this doesn’t make it up to you guys, but I hope it eases the pain. Have a great weekend, you all — if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drink until my heart explodes.