A Big, Steamy Mouthful of Rodimus Prime


?He was an incredibly shitty leader of the Autobots, but he’s still one hell of a toy. This Masterpiece Rodimus figure was just revealed in Japan at one of its hobby shows, and Transformers fans are losing their minds over it. Pretty justifiably so, actually — the figure can turn into Hot Rod as Rodimus Prime, as well as both of their vehicle modes. See?

1283007370_Snapshot 2010-08-28 23-49-21.jpg

?Plus, Rodimus Prime’s trailer opens up to reveal a battle station, just like the original figure. Even if you think Rodimus sucks ass, like all right-minded folk, you gotta admit this is a fine figure. Thanks to BumblebeeZ3 for the tip. (Via Seibertron)