Comic Movie News Trifecta: Avengers, Iron Fist, The Authority

no wasp avengers.jpg

?? Joss Whedon says that Black Widow will be the only female Avenger in the Avengers movie. As an Avengers fan, I’m pissed. I count the wasp as integral as Captain America, Iron Man and Thor… or at least fourth-most integral, behind those three and ahead of everybody else. In all honesty, I think Wasp is more important to the Avengers than Hawkeye, and I love Hawkeye. And she’s roughly one jillion times more important than Black Widow. Grrr. (Via EW)

? Marvel has hired the screenwriter of (sigh) Airheads, The Jerky Boys and xXx to write an Iron Fist movie. I’m… I’m not gonna hold my breath on this one. (Via The AV Club)

? There’s a rumor spreading that DC might be thinking about making a movie based on The Authority. As Snoodle, who tipped me off on this, so rightly pointed out, the amount of shit that could go wrong bringing the Authority into theaters is just staggering. It could make the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen look like a thoughtful, faithful adaptation. Let’s all say a silent prayer this stays a rumor. (Via Digital Spy)