DVD Day: August 10th, 2010


?? Max Headroom: The Complete Series
Five discs, 14 episodes, $32, all from Shout Factory, so you know the extras are going to be good. God help me, I just found out that Matt Frewer played Moloch in the Watchmen movie, and my mind is fucking blown.

? Looney Tunes Super Stars: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
Two separate DVDs of previously-uncollected cartoons, apparently of varying quality. For completists, I assume.

? Crumb
The amazing documentary on underground comics legend Robert Crumb gets the Criterion Collection treatment. You don’t have to be a comics historian to see and enjoy this brilliant, amazing movie — I can’t recommend it highly enough.

? Titan Maximum Season One
The Robot Chicken guys’ take on giant combining robots, strangely specific five-person teams, and anime shtick. It stars Billy Dee Williams as the voice of a character named Admiral Bitchface. It allows my former co-workers to hang out with Rachel Leigh Cook. Needless to say, my feelings on this show are conflicted.

? Horror High
A massive, 35th anniversary edition of a really shitty horror movie.

? Masters of Martial Hearts
Large-breasted high schools practice a very special kung fu that almost exclusive damages clothes. This is just one series in a whole genre. No, I’m not kidding.

? Clone Hunter
“David is a former planetary cop who resigned in disgrace. He is a freelance clone hunter now, a glorified gun for hire. He and his junior partner, Rachel, are hired by Montserrat, a brutal Oligarch, to track down a murderous clone that threatens the stability of Montserrat’s private planet. The more David and Rachel delve into the case the more corruption and rot they discover, until they come face to face with their own darkest secrets and must decide which side they are on.”