Epic Mickey Is an Epic Asshole

Man, I’d forgotten what a prick early ’30s Mickey is. So let’s watch the intro to the Epic Mickey game and get this straight — Mickey breaks into another world and Yen Sid’s house, fucks with a mystic artifact he has no idea how to use or what it’s capable of, fucks up an entire mystical world in about 30 seconds, creates the Phantom Blot, and, as soon as everything is good and fucked, runs home with his tail between his legs to let someone else clean it up. Christ, what an asshole.

That said, I’m still not sure about Epic Mickey. it might be fine, but it just seems like the whole game is a gigantic missed opportunity from when Disney backed down on making the twisted, dark game that was originally envisioned. That’s the game I want to play. This, I’m not so sure. Thanks to Mike T. for the tip.