Metroid: Other M Is Looking…Good?

A few weeks ago, Topless Robot featured some footage from the upcoming Metroid: Other M game that left many of you feeling ambivalent at best. Perhaps this new trailer (minus the annoying pop-up facts that marred the previous one) will help you make your mind up once and for all about whether or not this is worth your time. The graphics and action on display here seem to indicate that Metroid: Other M pushes the Wii’s capabilities to their limits so the biggest stumbling block in the way of the title’s success is how much gamers still care about Samus. Clearly, Nintendo SPD Production Group 1/Team Ninja have crafted a fun-looking installment in the Metroid saga, but I can’t help wondering if the franchise’s time has passed given the next-level style play happening on the Xbox 360. Of course I still spend at least three hours a week thinking about Parappa the Rapper, so I should probably keep my trap shut about what gamers want. We’ll find out if the “Other M” stands for magnificent or meh when the game hits stores on 8/31. (Via Kotaku)