Paul from Paul Revealed


?You know. Paul. As in the titular alien star of Paul, the movie starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and who is voiced by Seth Rogen. Bleeding Cool got the first pic of Paul — that’s not him above. He’s after the jump, in case it’s a spoiler for somebody.


?I’m a little relieved, frankly. I mean, I loves me some Pegg and Frost, but the idea of them in a road trip/buddy comedy with an alien voiced by Rogen… well, I don’t think it sounded particularly good. I guess I kind of assumed the alien would be cute and cartoony, and it would end up feeling like a cross between Stephen Chow’s awful CJ7 movie and an episode of American Dad. So the fact that Paul is an uglier, more traditional big-headed grey alien is a bit of a comfort to me.