Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Telenoid R1


?Hiroshi Ishiguro has created many creepy robots over the years, but he’ll have a hard time topping his new Telenoid R1. This is because it’s A HORRIBLE LIMBLESS WHITE BLOB  STRAIGHT OUT OF LOVECRAFT’S MEDULLA OBLONGATA. The point of the Telenoid, besides making people doubt the existence of god, is that it’s kind of like the world’s creepiest telephone — two people in different locations can talk to each other through two Telenoids, with each Telenoid theoretically mimicking the tone and face and “prescence” of the other speaker. I assume it helps considerably if the other person is also a limbless albino blob, but whatever. Care to see it in action?

My question is: When I try to kill it with a baseball bat, will its partner also attack the other person with a bat? Or it that why they decided not to give it arms? Thanks to MKUltra for the tip. (Via Daily Mail)