The Pirates of Darkwater Sail on DVD (Finally)

Well, it took long enough. From TV Shows on DVD:

…Warner Brothers is releasing Pirates of Darkwater – The Complete Series on DVD next Tuesday, August 31st. Cost is  $29.95 for a 4-disc set, which runs 462 minutes long for all 21 episodes of the show’s run in the early ’90s.

Pirates of Darkwater – The Complete Series will not be available in local stores, but instead is found exclusively at Warner’s online outlet, The WB Shop (,
and is available to pre-order right now (when you land at the site,
just use the “search” field in the upper right and start typing in
“Pirates”; it will auto-fill in with the title for you to click on).
You can pre-order your copy this minute, and it will ship out beginning
next Tuesday.

As you may recall, The Pirates of Darkwater is one of those shows that TR had ranked as desperately being needed on DVD; it’s nice that it finally made it, especially as a complete collection (fans of The Tick and Gargoyles know what I mean). Anyways, break out the rum in celebration. Or the darkwater. Whatever’s more appropriate.