A Not-at-All-Brief Reminder that the Star Trek Reboot Was Pretty Good

World’s Greatest Movie Reviewer Mr. Plinkett has taken a break from reviewing the Star Wars prequels to take a 67-minute look at the 2009 Star Trek reboot. Shockingly, he pretty much likes it. Not shockingly, the review is brilliant, genuinely insightful about modern moviemaking, and darkly funny. It also actually makes me want to watch Star Trek again, so I’m going to count that as a score for both Trek and Plinkett. Even if you hate the movie, if you’re a Trek nerd, it’s worth watching as he discusses Trek in general and the previous movies in particular. Please note that there are only two videos for this review; the 27-minute one above, and the 40-minute part II after the jump. Even if you can’t watch it now, save it for your lunch break — it’s totally worth the time. (Via Techland)