Add the Wii to the List of Things the Sonic Screwdriver Can Control


?The BBC has announced an official Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wii-mote. This is noteworthy because 1) it’s not some crappy plastic attachment, it’s a full Wii-mote sculpted exactly like the Screwdriver, and 2) it’s coming to America about two months after never. Yes, the UK will get the Screwdriver in December when that first new Who game comes out in October, and the US just gets Screwed. I know Americans are still way ahead when it comes to nerd merchandise — hell, you poor foreign people can’t even see all the videos I post on TR — but I wouldn’t begrudge any U.S. nerd’s bitterness over this thing’s international unavailability. Thanks to the jillion or so of you who sent in the tip.