Don’t Bring a Bike to a (Transformer) Car Fight

Let me start the day by praising my own restraint at not making some kind of Yakov Smirnov “In Russia, Blank Blanks You!” joke. See, some Russian nerds made this short Transformers fan video, which is pretty impressive. We all may not like the Bayformers movie designs, but they are complicated, so it’s pretty neat these guys replicated them so well, both in looks and transformation. Also, there’s a cellphone battle, which I’m 99% sure is the Transformer equivalent of a cockfight. And at the very least, there are some shirtless dudes for the ladies, although the Decepticon guy is far more in shape than the Autobot guy. You know why? Because being in shape is evil. That’s why I eat Cheetos all day and drink bourbon all night, people. I have such a pure heart. (Via Great White Snark)