Duke Nukem Forever Is Supposedly Coming Out Now


?There’s apparently a big hoohah about Duke Nukem Forever being at the ongoing PAX expo/con/thing. 2K Games says they have the title, Gearbox is currently “polishing” it up, and it’s going to be “released” in 2011.


Sorry, Gearbox and 2K — you have actually made games before, but there’s no way I’m falling for this. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care that Kotaku has footage of people actually playing the game. I’ll believe it when I see Duke Nukem Forever on store shelves — hell, I won’t even believe it then. I’ll probably need to purchase it and play it for a few hours before I even consider believing that DNF is actually getting released. Thanks to the jillion of you wishful thinkers who sent this in.