Fan Fiction Friday: Sonic the Hedgehog in “Sonic Anxiety”


?I’m sorry it’s yet another Sonic the Hedgehog story. But after reading this note from author Xieg87, how could I not?

this one is
the first fic i ever done, not just the first hentai fic, first EVER,
and you’ll notice i don’t use capitalization 90% of the time, thats cuz
you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot as they say, it takes too
long to go over it, one, just one person complained about it, why one?
cuz most people are too busy mastarbating to it to care, i hope you
don’t either, i don’t care about it looking professional, if i did this
as a job then maybe, im only doing these for fun, if people enjoy them,
its a plus, hope you enjoy :).

So much goodness in this note alone: “striking while the iron is hot,” “mastarbating,” and the idea of professional erotic fan fic writers. Also, I’d like to point out I don’t fix my typos because I also assume you all are too busy mastarbating to my writing to care (I know Abraxas is). Shall we?

For a while sonic has had restless nights, so many cute, adorable, sexy,
beautiful girls around him, recently he has been saving the world over
and over, he’s seen dr. Eggman more than his friends.
he has once again saved the world, peace has returned, so why is he
restless? why does he feel so distant from all his friends? well now
that he can relax, he can finally get his thoughts together.

Looking back at his adventures, he has meet so many friends, but even though they’re his friends, every time he thinks of one of his female friends, he suddenly gets a hard on.

I have the same problem every time I think of soda crackers, actually.

Even though the world is safe, sonic can’t sleep, every night he thinks
of a different girl, and every one of them is a friend of his, now he
avoids every one, especially the girls, he doesn’t want them to know
that he gets turned on by them, they might think of him as a perv or

A boy being sexually attracted to a girl? What a perv!

It has been like this for two weeks, he was in cream and vanilla’s
house, because vanilla is worried about him staying on his own, all his
other friends are worried too, especially Amy, so she decided to visit
him and brought over some DVDs they can watch, sonic didn’t know she was
coming, and when Amy came through his bedroom door, first she saw sonic
on the side under the bed covers, she moved in closer, and that’s when
sonic saw her, first his face went beat red,his cock then got hard
instantly, then he started to shake.


He then clenched his fists and jumped out of bed, Amy jumped at his
sudden action, Amy looked down and saw Sonic’s hard member and she
blushed just as much as sonic did, he then grabbed Amy’s shoulders and
threw her on the bed, and said

“s-sorry Amy, i-i can’t take it any more”

He then pulled up her dress then ripped her pants off, then started to enter,

She was wearing a dress and pants at the same time? Sonic may be doing her a favor. Except for the rape part.

it was all sudden, all that Amy could say was, “p-please sonic, c-calm down”

Still, she’s handling it very well, I think.

But he didn’t listen, he had such a hard on, not just for Amy, for
sally, Blaze, Cream, and even Vanilla , he had a lot stored up, and he’s
not gonna let ANY of it go to waste, he wants to show how much he loves
them, sure they may not want it this way, but he can’t wait any longer,
he isn’t the romantic type anyway, as much as he doesn’t want to, he
has had enough of his restless nights, all his female friends are
turning him on and he can’t ignore it anymore, he needs to do something
about it,

Not that I plan on going on a rape spree anytime soon, mind you, but if I ever do, my defense will be “I’m just not the romantic type.”

“all you girls are always teasing me, you get what you deserve”

Amy is clueless and yet a little flattered, he then grabbed his hard
cock and proceeded to enter her entrance,

Oh Sonic, attempted rape will get you everywhere!

it was already wet and sticky,
he looked up at Amy, and she was looking away, blushing, he started to
slowly enter while holding her arms down on the bed, when he went inside
her she gave out a little moan, with that, he smiled and then he thrust
inside her, she then squealed as he went deeper inside her, he wasted
no time and started to go faster and faster.

The sounds her pussy was making while going in and out of her was
unbearable, it sounded so dirty and sonic loved it, he increased his
rate higher and higher with each thrust, sonic then saw Amy put her hand
into fists.

For your edification, here are “the sounds her pussy was making while going in and out of her”

“Sonic, stop, if y-you don’t I’ll…..”

“…press charges!”

sonic then grinned and asked

“you’ll what? HUH?!”

he then increased the speed even more and it started to soak the bed with Amy’s juices

Amy regretted keeping that open bottle of Tropicana Fruits Sweets Orange with Rare Cheese Flavor on her bed

Amy: “AHHHH”


“WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOOOOUUU!” God help me, if Sonic had actually said that, this would be the greatest story in the history of English literature.

Amy: “S-STOP, OR I’LL CUM….”



he then went faster and deeper until Amy couldn’t take it anymore, her arms then broke free and she put her arms around sonic.


“with please”

I thought for a second Sonic was asking her to say please, but then I saw Amy did say please to the hedgehog currently raping her. So I figured out Zieg87 meant “with pleasure.”

(YES!!! my first load)




both of them exploded with ecstasy, Amy came all over sonic’s cock while
wetting the bed, and sonic is still shooting his load inside her womb”

Sonic’s sperm was clearly wearing their own little lightspeed shoes to just bypass the vaginal canal like that and move straight to the womb.

Amy: sooo much cum, its soo warm, im so glad you’re my first sonic

sonic: me too Amy

Amy: gasp

sonic: what?

Amy: your cock its…..

sonic huh?

He looked down and his member is still stiff

Amy then smiled and said

“*giggle* its still soo hard, can we do it again?”

“only if I can stick it in your ass”

Sadly, this is still a less painful Sonic experience than Sonic CD.

Amy looked surprised and speechless, she looked at his cock and she then giggled and then turned around and bent over

“come and get me big boy”

sonic grinned and nodded, he then spread open her ass checks and then
stuck it inside, Amy gripped on the bed sheets as she never had a
cock in her ass before or in a pussy for that matter, but because it was
sonic, she didn’t know if she will ever have a chance like this again,
so she is taking full advantage of this and did what sonic asked, as
this may be the only time sonic will do this with her, or at least
that’s what she thought.

“hehehe, I knew you were taunting me, flirting with me, you I can have sex with you isn’t it?”

he then smacked her left ass check

“y-yes, I’ve wanted your cock for so long, and know I finally have it inside me”

he increased the speed

“is that so?”

“yes, your cock is more amazing than I thought it would be”

he then squeezed both her ass checks which made Amy moan quietly

“you like that huh?”

“y-yes, it feels incredible”

“how about THIS?!”

he then grabbed both her arms and pulled her arms back, making him go even deeper


he then increased the speed even more


“NOW you’re getting into it”

as she requested he went faster and deeper


she then came all over his cock again but he didn’t stop, he kept going,
but because she just came she could barely stand up, lucky sonic was
holding onto her arms to keep her balanced.

“hehehe, I haven’t cum yet, so im afraid you have to bare it until I do”

“I…..can’t….my legs….”

while he’s ramming into her, she feels her juices dripping down her
legs, as well as a bit of his cum too, she then stuck her tongue out for
air as she was out of breath


“s-sonic….I can’t go on, please….cum”

“nearly there…..”

her arms started to get weak, he was going in and out of her at a fast rate, she was starting to get dizzy.


he then shot his seed inside her ass, which was so much it started to
leak out the second he took it out, he then released her arms after
which she lost balance and feel on the bed, face first.

Sonic:*phew*, that was amazing Amy

Amy:sure pant was pant

he then sat beside her and put his hand on her back

“soooooo…….ready for round 3?”

Amy couldn’t believe her ears, round 3? she then mustard the strength to
turn over and to her horror his cock is STILL rock hard, sonic smiling
at her innocently, which made Amy sighed loudly

There is absolutely nothing that’s delighted me more this week than this guy mistaking the word “mustard” for “mustered.” It’s just beautiful.

“you’re too much for me sonic”

she then closed her eyes, which made sonic sad but happy at the same time

“heh, guess I over did it”

he looked at his “problem” and sighed

The end! Of the chapter. Because this is just the first in a 5-part epic, where Sonic’s erection will not go away. Let’s take a look at Chapter 2, where Sonic has left Amy to immediately enter the shower with Cheese, which wikipedia claims is “a 6-year-old rabbit.” Let’s watch the hijinks, shall we?

“i-im sorry m-mister sonic, but if you want the shower, you have to wa…..”

she couldn’t finish as he was sticking his fingers deeper inside her as well as his cock rubbing against her behind

“s-sonic, what are you doing? And what’s that hard object around my bum?

(hehehe, she’s sooooo cute)

“like I said, I want to have some fun, the rules are simple, 1.don’t be
loud enough for your mom to hear, 2.whoever can make the other person
cum err I mean release liquid first wins”

cream being the na?ve girl that she is, nods, and smiles

“ok mister sonic, how do we play?”

“well you know that hard object that’s around your bumhole?

She then blushed and nodded

“well that’s how this game works, its all about my hard object, its
called a penis, I stick it in a hole on your body and if I shoot my
liquid first, then you win, but if I make you shoot you liquid first,
then I win”

cream looked a little confused

“for example….if I stick it in…”

he then rubbed his cock on the outside of her pussy

“my peehole?”

“yes, you will then have to try and make me cu-i mean shoot my sticky
liquid inside you, you can do this my tightening your peehole around the
hard object to make it shot faster, its like squeezing a watering hoe”

“oh I see”

she nods

“ok, lets do this”

Let’s not. In chapter 3, Sonic also immediately has sex with Cream’s mom Vanilla, which is more boring but does include her shouting a few wonderful bon mots during coitus:

“thank you, usually I don’t allow swearing in this house, but for today, i’ll let it slide”
“don’t think of me as your friends mother, AND CUM INSIDE MY WOMB”
? “w-what are you waiting for? Pound my ass, sonic the hedgehog”

Still, the best part is this little exchange, after they’ve fucked twice and Vanilla refuses to let Sonic go:

she then got in the missionary position and he inserted his stiff hard
member inside her pussy, she then gesters him to come closer, he then
nods and bends down towards her breasts, she then locked him in with her
legs tightly, this then surprised sonic and he then looked at vanillas
face and she was grinning

“im sure you have gallons of milk left in that baby, and im gonna get as much of that milk as I can”

“noooooooo” sonic cried

In chapter 4, Sonic gets a footjob from Blaze the cat, then they have sex, naturally. Blaze does scream “CUM SONIC, SHOOT YOUR EXPLOSIVE CUM INSIDE MY BELLY” and then I assume she explodes or something. Finally, in Chapter 5, he fucks Sally the Squirrel a few times, finally loses his erection, and then all the girls come back over to his house, craving his cock and its explosive hedgehog cum, and assumably rape the shit out of him. Feel free to read the whole thing here if you need more hedgehog fucking in your life.

In the end, all I’m left with are questions. Why was it necessary to write five whole chapters of this? Wasn’t one enough? How can anyone be aroused by the word “peehole”? Why don’t any fan fic writers take a moment to look up the female reproductive system on Wikipedia or something? What the holy fuck is a “watering hoe”? Still, I will give Zieg87 credit for one thing — I was way too busy mastarbating to notice any of grammar or capitalization problems.