Heroes Finally Slips from “Mostly Dead” to “All Dead”



Finally, our long national nightmare is truly over — after threatening to make some kind of movie finale, NBC has officially declared Heroes will not be returning to TV in any way. Creator Tim Kring wanted to do a two-hour movie to give “fans” “closure” and to “wrap up” “things;” I’ve never understood what the fuck he was talking about, because the show didn’t have any fans by the end of its horrible fourth season, and since the bad guy was thwarted by Hayden Panetierre telling people to just leave the shitty carnival put on by T-Bag from Prison Break, there didn’t seem to be anything that needed to be wrapped up. Although I admit I did submit a script to Kring and NBC for a possible Heroes spin-off, titled Rob Bricken Pees in Tim Kring’s Mouth for an Hour. NBC has yet to comment, but I have my fingers crossed. And I’m drinking a lot of fluids. (Via EW)