Linkin Park <3s Gundam

Okay. This is odd. Bandai is releasing a special Gundam model kit in Japan with a deluxe edition of Linkin Park’s new album, I’mnotlookingupafuckingLinkinParkalbum. Apparently this is because some Linkin Park song is used in one of Bandai’s million new Gundam games they release every year. But what’s really blowing my mind is this:



Bandai made the above art of the five members of Linkin Park dressed as Gundam pilots. I honestly can’t wrap my head around this. It’s like some horrible fan art made official, like some Linkin Park-loving anime nerd found a genie and suddenly we all woke up in this word where this insanity is real. The band also designed the colors of the Gundam model in the kit, but it’s just black and white and sucks, and it’s a small consolation. Linkin Park as Gundam pilots. I may need to lie down for a little bit. (Via Sankaku Complex)