Marvel and DC Are Movin’ on Up



Unfortunately, the two comic book companies are not moving in with each other, because that would the awesomest/nerdiest reality show of all time. Actually, they’re not even moving to the same place, since Marvel is moving north a few blocks in New York City to the old Sports Illustrated building (basically, into fancier digs) and DC is shipping its DC Entertainment group out to Los Angeles. Now, DC Comics will remain in NYC, but I have no idea who works for the Comics side and who works for the Entertainment side, other than co-publisher Jim Lee and veep Geoff Johns, who already live in LA… and I’m not 100% sure DC knows either. Still, I do have friends at DC, and I hope they don’t get involuntarily uprooted or forced out of their jobs or anything.

So this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but if you wanted to see this as the first step toward the inevitability of the American comics industry moving to California, I wouldn’t disagree. (Via CBR and Comics Alliance)