Michael Bay Is Going to Ruin the Voltron Movie

Please note: Michael Bay is, at this moment, in no way involves with a live-action Voltron movie. In fact, no one is — it’s just a pitch right now, no one’s said yes, nothing’s been decided, and the only thing that exists is some concept art that received. Again, not for the movie, but in hopes of making a movie. That said, I’m still gonna bitch.



Because someone’s redesigned Voltron in the wake of Bayformers. We’re looking at Bayvoltron here, if you will. Overdesigned, unnecessarily complicated, needlessly changed — this is a Voltron that belongs in Transformers 3: John Turturro Scat Party or whatever it’s going be. It sucks. I hate it and I hate Michael Bay because it’s his fucking fault. I also hate everyone who went to see Transformers: ROTF, including myself. Fuck. Oh well. At least I’m hearing good things about the new Voltron cartoon… Thanks to everyone who sent this in.