Three Seconds of the New Doctor Who Christmas Special

The BBC has a promo video for all its fall and winter dramas, and it includes possibly three seconds of Doctor Who; unfortunately, it’s a slow enough news morning that I’m running it. It’s near the end, when Michael Gambon (yes, Dumbledore II) playing not the Scrooge but a scrooge asks Matthew Smith who he is, and Smith says “the ghost of Christmas past.” Please note the scene where Smith is surrounded by Nazi flags is not part of the Who special, but a totally different show called Christopher and His Kind.

Actually, the real news might be how the BBC is pimping all the modern Doctors; besides Smith, Chris Eccleston will star in Accused and David Tennant will star in Single Father, none of which have anything to do with who, although the BBC doesn’t seem to mind if you get a little confused and imagine there’s some kind of mega-Who-apalooza going down this winter. (Via Blastr)