Why Skyline Is Still Less Scary than E.T.

When we last saw Skyline — which was also the first time, for most of us — it had an awesome teaser trailer of people getting sucked up by giant spaceships-vacuums, and it was fucking awesome. Now that there’s a real trailer, I’m looking forward to this movie even more. While it might be all about an alien invasion of Earth, where the aliens have monsters and tentacles and spaceships and evil lights, I still find them far less terrifying than E.T. With these aliens, you know where you stand — fucked. Also, they seem to have a very cruel sense of humor., since they like to destroy human hopes at the most emotionally devastating moment… but that’s still a sense of humor. With E.T., you never know if he’s going to mistakenly believe you’re his best friend, make you sick with some crazy empathy disease, or pop out of the closet in women’s clothes. That’s the true horror, people.