Yep, Star Wars in 3-D


?He did it. George Lucas really did it. He announced that he’s going to re-release all six Star Wars movies for the umpteenth time, beginning with The Phantom Menace in 2012, in those crazy three dimensions that all the kids seem to love nowadays. Since none of the movies were made with 3-D in mind, I have no idea how well this’ll actually work, although I doubt Lucas cares — he just wants to see if he get Star Wars to beat James Cameron’s Avatar in the domestic gross again (NOTE: He almost certainly can’t, since he’s $300 million behind). I’m probably less aghast than most people at this news — I’ll probably skip the prequels, but the original trilogy could be fun in 3-D if done well enough — but I also made my peace with Lucas’ naked cash-grabs a long time ago. Still, as my buddy Zac pointed out, that scene where Jar Jar steps in camel shit is going to be totally badass in 3-D.