Captain America Movie Pic Trifecta

Yesterday, Chris was kind enough to show you the cover for the new Entertainment Weekly featuring Chris Evans as Captain America. Now the inside of the issue has been revealed with more pics. Let’s check out the interesting ones, shall we?



? First up, Cap in his WWII togs. Love the helmet, love the classic shield.



? Up top it appears to be the Super-Soldier experiment chamber, which isn’t super exciting, but looks pleasantly ’40-ish. Below, it’s Hugo Weaving as Der Red Skull Before His Skull Turns Red! Still, he looks very comics-accurate from the neck down.



? There are actually more pics of Steve Rogers in his dress uniform and a Hydra sub over at /Film, but honestly, they’re not that exciting, and I thought the ladies would enjoy a little Captain beefcake more. Sue me.