DC Universe Is A M(ighty) M(essy) Online RPG

Sony’s DC superhero MMORPG DC Universe was delayed until next year, causing some consternation among comics/videogame nerds who were looking forward to playing it sooner rather than later. But Sony has released a few videos of the game to help tide these nerds over… and if this video showcasing the game’s combat isn’t one of the problems they’re addressing, I’m very confused.

As always, I’m no MMORPG guy — but is the shit that’s going on in that video look fun to you? Because it just looks like a big mess to me. I can’t tell what’s happening or who’s doing what to who; plus, since all the characters are generic, I don’t know who they are, who’s good or bad, who to root for, or why I should give a shit. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, and this video blows your minds and makes you excited for the game. I won’t begrudge it of you. I just don’t get it.