Hey, It’s the Green Lantern’s Green Lantern



The Daily Blam — who should really work on a somewhat less subtle watermark — scored the first pick of the green lantern from Green Lantern, shown above. I dig it, because it looks alien and weird, and I never really got why alien space cops would be carrying around Coleman lanterns anyways (this is the same reason why I approve of Geoff Johns’ Skittle Lanterns, because I also never understood why just green — the new answer being it’s not just green). It looks a little Matrix-y, admittedly, but I’d rather have that than the comics version.

However, I’m very much not of that hardcore GL fan variety where major differences from the norm bother me, so I’m guessing there are many of you GL fans who are shocked and appalled at how non-comics accurate this thing is, and I bet you think it looks stupid. I don’t begrudge you this, because I hold the shit I love to that same, unyielding standard. What I want to know is if you hate it or just don’t like the movie lantern, or even if you’re all right with it. What do you think?