I See the Thor Movie’s Frost Giants (in Toy Form)



In case anyone considered these things spoilers, I put ’em after the jump. Enjoy these Thor figures while you wait.



Huh. Based on these shots of Hasbro’s Thor movie toys, found by Marvelous News on eBay, it appears that there will be Frost Giants in the Thor movie. Okay, that’s not big surprise, as Frost Giants are the de facto minions of Loki (in the sense that he’s always tricking them into attacking Asgard and getting their collective asses handed to them by Thor). And they’re list blue, which is fine, since they’re light blue in the comics and blue indicates cold and they’re Frost Giants and what have you.

But all I can see is a Na’Vi action figure here. Maybe it’s because it’s only slightly taller than the Anthony Hopkins/Odin and Tim Huddleston/Loki figures, or maybe because it’s lacking a beard, which is how they usually show up in the comics. Or maybeit’s because he’s just wearing a loincloth, just like the fucking Na’Vi do. Oh well. It’s hardly cause for major concern, at least at this point. Still, if any of these asshole pulls out ponytail-tentacle-genitalia during the flick, I’m going on a rampage.