Michael Bay, Master of Three Dimensions



The news that Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon will be filming in 3-D should surprise no one. There’s no bigger Hollywood whore than Michael Bay, so most of us probably assumed from the very beginning that TF3 was going to be 3-D anyways; I know I did. I wouldn’t even consider this announcement news, except that I didn’t post it, I would be depriving you of this gem of a quote from TF3 producter Lorenzo di Bonaventura from IGN:

“Michael is so awesome at shooting, the question originally was how the
cameras would work because they’re cumbersome. Look how long it took Jim
Cameron to make one movie. All those things are quite daunting, but
Michael figured out how to use the cameras in a day.”

Yes, Lorenzo. Michael Bay mastered 3-D filming in a day BECAUSE HE IS SO SMART. So much smarter than James Cameron. Because we all know the only arbiter of intelligence is how fast you think you’ve figured something out. Just like the only arbiter of a movie’s quality is how loud the explosions are. Hoo boy.