Our Splatterhouse Is a Very Very Very Messy House

When I first heard that Sega Namco was remaking Splatterhouse, I was excited. Then I saw the first clip from the game and was bored. Now, thanks to a new video of the game being played at NYCC and not at all because of my mercurial nerd nature, I’m excited again. Here’s why:

? The blood from the enemies literally “splattering” on the screen.
? Specifically, that there’s so much blood covering the screen — not just on the screen, but dripping down the screen — that Sega had to mess with the main character’s design to make him more visible.
? The Splatter kills, which include you reach down enemies’ throats and pulling out random internal organs.
? That you can rip off enemies’ limbs and beat them with them, although many games do this.
? However, I think Splatterhouse might be the first game where enemies can rip off your limbs and beat you with them.

Well done, Splatterhouse. You might just be a beat-’em-up, but it’s a beat-’em-up I want to play.