Super-Dimensional Wedding Cake Macross



I know awesome people. This is odd, because I am extremely non-awesome myself. But I know and am good friends with Jerry from Sega, who is totally awesome. He just got married to Kat, who I haven’t met yet, but is clearly also awesome because she allowed and actively condoned the massive wedding cake based on Robotech‘s SDF-1 above. LOOK AT THIS THING. LOOK HOW BIG IT IS. And the best part:

MaxMyria small.jpg


Oh yeah. That’s Max and Miriya, in their wedding outfits, in the cockpit. Amazing. Jerry and Kat also had a “Voltron Lion Dance” at the reception, which I’m begging Jerry to get me video of.

So please wish Jerry and Kat congratulations, if you don’t mind. You know, I’d tell Kat that she got one of the good ones, but she clearly already knows. But Jerry, you hold onto this girl. YOU HOLD ON AND YOU NEVER LET GO. Check out another pic of the SDF-Cake after the jump.