Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Penguin Robot

Question: Is the best thing about this video…

A) That someone built a penguin robot
B) That someone built a penguin robot and apparently named it PEnguin Robot
C) That the Penguin Robot is labeled as “High Quality”
D) That the Penguin Robot has a pipe
E) That someone sent the Penguin Robot into the penguin tank at a Japanese zoo
F) That the penguins actually started following the Penguin Robot like he was in charge
G) That they used the penguin robot to lead the penguins down the street into a child’s inflatable pool
H) The sound effects the Japanese TV show used for the penguins’ waddling
I) All of the above
J) All of the above but especially the waddling sound effects

Please note: Robot Penguin controller is the only job I would ever leave Topless Robot for. (Via Japan Probe)