This Guy Is the Spider-Man Movie Villain, I Guess


?Rhys Ifans. The dude from Notting Hill, and… other things, I guess. He’s been hired to star — and I’m using the term “star” very loosely here — with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the Spider-Man reboot as the villain, although no one knows who that is yet. I’m trying to imagine a Spidey villain that could possibly make me excited about this casting, and I’m coming up with nothing. I’d be mildly intrigued if he was cast as a new villain, like Electro or something, but I wouldn’t be excited. And if he plays one of the previous movies’ villains, I’ll just be pissed.

Question: What the fuck is Sony doing? I’ve got no problems with Emma Stone, but when she’s the biggest name in your major summer tentpole superhero flick, something is seriously fucking wrong. I’m actually beginning to wonder if Sony’s just crapping this out to keep the Spidey film rights in their name, so they don’t revert back to Marvel. It would explain they appear to not be spending any money on it, at any rate. (Via /Film)