DVD Day: November 9th, 2010


?? Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
It just kills me that this is only coming out in a single-disc release. It’s my hope that the DVD becomes the cult classic it so richly deserves to be, and we get a genuine collector’s edition down the road.

? Sherlock
The modern reimagining of Sherlock Holmes by Steven Moffat, the guy currently in charge of Doctor Who. It’s just wonderful, and it actually hurts me that there are only three (admittedly 90-minute)  episodes. All the performances are brilliant, and while there is some action, it never skimps on the actual mystery. God, I love this series.

? Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series
If I had any money, this would a very expensive DVD Day for me. I think Matt Smith’s Doctor has been fantastic, and I actually think I like him more than Chris Eccleston or David Tennant. Not all of the episodes have been great, but when they’re great, they’re insanely great. A p[erfect place for new folks to start, by the way. Also, remember when the BBC was dead-set on calling this “series one”? I’m glad they stopped that shit.

? Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam
This is the first time I’ve seen a DC direct-to-DVD movie debut below the Top 15. I imagine this has something to do with the fact that no one knows who the fuck Black Adam is (present company excluded, of course).

? Metalocalypse Season 3

? The Boondocks Complete 3rd Season

? Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Complete Series
Watching the complete series of Scooby Doo would actually be my vision of hell, but this does come in a swell Mystery Machine collector’s package.

? Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics
Some documentary on DC with all the requisite talking heads. Somehow I get the feeling that it’s geared to more general audiences than comics fans, and yet the only people who might possibly buy it are comics fans.

? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XIX
First of all, let me say this comes with a Gypsy figure, meaning if you’ve been buying these limited editions since Shout Factory took the license over, you now have all three main bots. Gypsy is huge and in-scale to Tom Servo, but now it looks like Crow is a bit too small. I have no idea if Shout is making Cambot next or what, but god bless ’em for giving me MST3K figures.

As for the movies, they are: Robot Monster, Bride of the Monster, Devil Doll and Devil Fish. The two Devil movies are SciFi-era and good, but the Monster flicks are gold — Robot Monster is one of the most incoherent, stupid films ever made, and is definitely the gem of MST‘s first season, and Bride of the Monster is Ed Wood’s other masterpiece besides Plan 9, and one of the best MST episodes ever. Overall, it’s another great set.