Late Night Talk Show Nerd Shenanigans Double Feature

? Part 1: Matt Smith, current star of Doctor Who, was on The Late Late Show with Who fan and noted lunatic Craig Ferguson. I’d not ever really seen his show before, but this clip made me a fan — and not really for Matt Smith, although he was fine, but because Ferguson is totally, totally mad. It’s a long clip, but I will say the moment they form a harmonica band called Three Octopuses and an Otter is not the goofiest part of the interview. (Via io9)

? And I tweeted about this extensively last night, but Harrison Ford showed up on Conan last night, and HE WAS DRUNK OUT OF HIS MIND. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. And remember, Conan tapes in the mid-afternoon. It was insane. He also get asked about a fifth Indiana Jones movie, and boy, his excitement is just palpable. I can never remember if TBS’ video player is available out of the U.S., so just in case, foreign people, I will tell you the highlight of the whole thing — after Conan mentioned that Harrison Ford enjoyed flying planes, he asked Ford what he would do in a Sully Sullenburger-type incident and had to land a plane in the Hudson River or somesuch. Ford turned it over silently in his gin-sloshed mind for a minute, and then replied — and I quote: “Shit and die.”