Play Zork… on a Typewriter

So… this is impressive. Jpnathan Guberman built a typewriter that… Oh, I’ll just let him tell it:

Introducing the Automatypewriter, a new way to experience interactive
fiction! It’s still a little rough around the edges (in particular, you
can see that the spacebar sticks a little, and the whole thing needs to
be tidied up), but you get the idea: the Automatypewriter is a
typewriter that can type on its own, as well as detect what you type on
it. By reading what it types to you and responding, it can be used
interactively to play a game or participate in a story (in this case,

That’s so nerdily awesome I can barely stand it. There’s something about being able to play a computer game on a typewriter that has shot my brain out the back of my skull. Thanks to Kaeli G. for the tip. (Via Makezine)