Someone’s Making a Live-Action Bubblegum Crisis Movie for Some Godforsaken Reason


No one cares about the early ’90s anime Bubblegum Crisis. Sure, it was kind of cool when it first came over, as it was one of the first anime titles brought over in the ’90s boom and all anime fans had to compare it to were shows like TaleSpin. Nowadays, it’s pretty much forgotten, and that’s totally fine.

Except that someone didn’t forget about it, and is making a live-action movie. It begins shooting in May, and will be directed a guy who did some of the animated action scenes in Spider-Man 1 and 2. He’s probably a decent director, but it doesn’t matter, since no one gives a shit about a live-action Bubblegum Crisis movie. Only anime fans have even heard of the series, but it’s not beloved or anything, and the title is far too goofy for mass audiences. Why bother with the license? Why not just make your own chicks in power armor movie? Why tie it to a franchise that dooms it from the beginning? Why am I the only smart person in the world?

Now a live-action Project A-kothat‘d be a winner. (Via Anime News Network)