Super Mario Bros. 3 Is More Super Than I Remember

First things first: Some dude hacked New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, and then remade the entirety of Super Mario Bros. 3 on it. Very cool. It’s got the better graphics and the new power-ups like the extra-giant mushroom and blue koopa shell and what not. Now, if that were all, it would be impressive. But this guy also:

? Added in levels from all the 2-D Super Mario games, including The Lost Levels
? Levels from Super Metroid
? A shit-ton of bonus levels
? A shit-ton of new secrets and traps
? Mazes, puzzles, trivia games, timed levels and more
? Guest appearances from Link, Alucard (?) and more
? The most diabolically evil Mario levels I’ve seen that are actually meant to be played by a human being

Seriously, by the time the mazes started, I began crying in terror. When the level where you had to shoot fireballs into the lava to see where’d they’d bounce to figure out where they hidden platforms appeared, I just pissed myself. The above trailer in a ridiculous 15 minutes long, but the longer you watch, the more entertainingly insane it gets. (Via Kotaku)