The Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Features Both Cowboys and Aliens

I guess I should have run a movie trailer trifecta today. However, between Green Lantern, Your Highness and Cowboys and Aliens, I think Cowboy and Aliens is probably most deserving of its own post. Because holy shit this is a great trailer. You Highness was funny, but it was just a bunch of random jokes from the movie. Green Lantern was pretty generic because as several of you noted, Warner Bros. wanted it to look like a fun Iron Man-type superhero movie, and not scare mass audiences away with the weird space cop element that most of us nerds were looking for. I don’t blame anyone for either trailer.

But watch this trailer, and tell me it’s not the best of the three. It 1) sets up the premise clearly, 2) is action-packed, and 3) — and I can’t stress this enough — IT DOESN’T SPOIL ANYTHING. It definitely makes me want to see the movie. What is up with Daniel Craig? What’s the deal with the thing on his arm? Why are the aliens attacking? Has Harrison Ford been drunk ever since filming his part in the movie right up to yesterday afternoon? I don’t know, but I want to know. Well fucking done, Jon Favreau. I know you were desperately waiting on my opinion here, and I’m happy to report I give you a big thumbs up.