The Force Unleashed 2 Remembers a Simpler Time When All We Wanted to Kill Were Ewoks

Remember the good old days of Star Wars fandom? Say, 1983-1996, when the worst part about the Star Wars universe were the Ewoks, and how upset we all were that teddy bears could overthrow the Empire? Ah, how naive we were.


You can relive those glory days with the upcoming DLC for The Force Unleashed 2, which will include a mission to Endor. I don’t know why, I don’t know what Starkiller will be doing, and I don’t even know when it’s coming out, but as they screenshot clearly shows, you will be able to kill many, many Ewoks. And that’s pretty goddamned delightful. Lightsabers, Force Lightning, Force pushing, Force tossing, throwing your lightsabers into their little teddy bear heads… well, I’m looking forward to it, at least.

Actually, a thought just occurred to me. In TFU2, Starkiller can pull a Jedi Mind Trick and make Stormtroopers toss themselves off ledges and out of windows. If, in this bonus level, I can make an Ewok jump off one of his treetop walkways and splatter himself on the forest floor below, I will officially nominate The Force Unleashed 2 for BEST GAME EVER. (Via Kotaku)