The Green Lantern Movie Shines a Little Light on Itself

Fact: Entertainment Tonight ran a promo on Friday night, showing off the fact that it was going to be showing off a preview of the live-action Green Lantern movie this week. Fact: Based on most of the responses I saw to the footage, seems like most comics nerds aren’t digging it. Fact: For whatever reason, I, who go out of my way to hate everything, kind of like it. I mean, the footage is grainy as hell, but you can’t hold that it against it. I thought the green fist-thing power effect looked cool, and I really like the extraterrestrial planet (Oa? Hell if I know) setting. About the only thing that seems weird to me is Ryan Reynolds acting like Ryan Reynolds in the role of Hal Jordan; he’s making jokes and cracking wise, which is admittedly very un-Hal Jordan-like. However, I find Hal Jordan to be the superhero equivalent of watching paint dry, so I’m kind of fine with Reynolds here. Anyways, I give this snippet a thumbs up. Who here is freaking the fuck out? (Via Comics Alliance)