To Err Is (SyFy’s Remake of Being) Human, Part II

Shockingly, this trailer for SyFy’s version of the BBC hit Being Human is not the worst thing ever. I was very much expecting it to be the worst thing ever, and when I saw it and it wasn’t, I was kind of relieved.

For whatever reason, Being Human — a show about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf who live together — is a ridiculous concept that the British version miraculously manages to play straight enough that it contains real drama, horror, and comedy; I’ve always thought it’s just one of those things only Brits could pull off, since America TV is usually too broad to handle such a fine line. Admittedly, SyFy’s version doesn’t look like a disaster, but it also seems to be lacking in the British Being Human‘s charm, which helps it get away with a lot of its innate goofiness.

However, I do like SyFy’s incredible ignorance/balls in claiming their Being Human is an “all-new original series.” Much like their 2010 Red Riding Hood movie inspired the classic fairy tale, I suppose.